All about narratives

Writing and having a blast in Bjel's LA 9 class!Writing and having a blast in Bjel's LA 9 class!

Mr. Bjel's Language Arts 9 class is nearing completion of their short story unit.  After having explored some one dozen written and cinematic short stories -- including two of Twilight Zone fame -- students have now been given the opportunity to try their hands at crafting short stories (narratives) of their own.

Most impressive of all has been the extent to which students have partaken in peer review and collaboration.  It demonstrates collaboration, community-building, knowledge-sharing and taking ownership over their learning experience.  

The in-class writing assignment is also an early preparation for upcoming Provincial Achievement Tests for LA 9, which will include an on-demand writing assignment (either an essay or narrative piece).  It has been a wonderful February thus far; more good news to follow!