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Apr 27 - Cooking off the grid

Bacon and eggs is an outdoor over the fire staple .... but in a paper bag?!    You bet!

Apr 27 - Outdoor Education: Hunter Training...

Outdoor Education – Hunter Training Camp 2017 Parental/Guardian Information Dear Parents: Students eligible f...

Jan 18 - CALM

Mr. Hatch presenting to the CALM class on sexual health.

Jan 18 - Learning Soldering skills

Students working on ELT modules got a chance to develop their soldering skills by putting an LED and resistor together o...

Jan 18 - Foods 7 Class

Canadian Cuisine week in Foods 7 class included some home made pizza's!  

Jan 18 - Bean Bag Frogs!

The Home Ec. Sewing Class is finishing off their bean bag frogs.  This is one of the more challenging projects in sewin...

Jan 18 - Upcycled steel art

From scrap pipe, Eve appears.... after many hours of work!

Jan 17 - Junior High Construction

Another successful project completed in a grade 7 construction class.

Nov 16 - Pies Flying out of the DVSS Foods L...

Foods 8 has been busy honing in on their pie making skills.

Nov 16 - Exploring Arduino Boards

A few students at DVSS have started working on programming Arduino Boards. An Arduino contains a microchip, which is a v...

Sep 21 - Safety is a Priority

When you are working with the heat of the sun, you need to be properly attired!

Sep 21 - Coding at DVSS

Yet again, the start of a new year! This year in Code class students have enjoyed learning how to code programs using Sc...

Sep 21 - Test


Sep 21 - Media Arts - Parody Posters & Memes

Media Arts 10 students have recently completed their first module and for their final project made some great posters an...

May 18 - Exploring in Wildlife

Exploring some of our municipally designed wilderness.  

May 18 - Auto Detailing

Sr High Mechanic's class spent a week detailing vehicles, inside and out.

May 18 - EZ Robots

Junior high students in Coding/Computer class have been learning about the future of robotics and the impact that robots...

May 17 - IA Project

IA Project

May 17 - IA Project

IA Project

May 17 - IA Project

IA project

Mar 16 - COSMO Facials

Well-Being Wednesdays have turned into the perfect SPA days in the DVSS COSMO Lab with students showing off their facial...

Mar 16 - Students Find Their Way at DVSS

Outdoor education students at DVSS are taking advantage of the fine spring weather and sharpening their navigational ski...

Mar 13 - Chevy small block V6

Stripping, cleaning and putting an engine back together is all part of Mec 1040.

Mar 1 - First Sewing Projects

The grade 7 home economics class have finished their first sewing project of the semester; hand sewn, adorable, felt owl...

Jan 20 - Foods 8 Class!

Thumbs up to making white cakes and fondant from scratch.  Students did a great job making, coloring and decorating wit...

Jan 20 - Appetizers Away!!!

Foods 9 students have been working hard at creating appetizers to share with their classmates.

Jan 20 - Yummy Omelettes!

Grade 7 home economic students are becoming excellent chefs as they produce some delicious foods!  The final products a...

Jan 18 - Braiding Skills

A fun day in COSMO where the students show off their skills on students from other classes. 

Jan 14 - More fabrication skills

Riley Neufeld and James Cooper have cut, shaped, welded, reshaped and polished dozens of pieces of metal to create this...

Dec 16 - Home Sweet Home

Birdfeeder Josie Clark IA 7

Dec 16 - Junior High IA Thumbs Up Jarred Sch...

One of the options for junior high students is IA. The many students that are enrolled in IA enjoy making their projects...

Nov 27 - Fabrication skills - practical & ar...

Fabrication students have been developing essential metal working skills and applying them to various projects, includin...

Nov 13 - Let Them Eat Cake

Mr. Hatch's foods classes are now elbow deep in the art of cake baking. Students had the opportunity to build a white ca...

Oct 31 - COSMO Students Halloween Makeup @ B...

The DVSS COSMO students offered Halloween Makeup services at the BCF on Saturday Oct. 31st.   

Sep 16 - Soup Week - Home Ec 8

Soup number 1 - Hamburger!  Yum!!  

Sep 16 - Getting Creative With Words

Media Arts 10 students are using their creativity to create images from words.  Playing with colour, shape, and letters...

Sep 15 - Industrial arts class

Students at DVSS enjoy creating projects in class.

Sep 8 - IA Classes

Junior high IA classes are busy completing sheet work so that they can get into the shop to begin to build their project...

Jun 15 - HDR Images in Photography Class

Students in Mr.Hayes' photography class are exploring new and interesting ways to capture the sights and scenes of sprin...

May 22 - Grade 7 Foods Class

Cooking new things in foods class is lots of fun!  Today's recipe - Dessert Crepes.  Our filling choices were: raspber...

Apr 21 - Comp 8

Free day in Comp class - lots going on!

Apr 16 - Home Ec 7

Sewing project

Apr 16 - Home Ec 7

Step 1 in sewing a stuffed frog.

Apr 16 - Home Ec 7

Some students work on their frogs!

Mar 9 - Manicure Monday in COSMO

The students in COSMO at DVSS start the week off right with Manicure Monday. Students are practicing their manicuring sk...

Jan 30 - ASLC 2015

Drumheller Valley Secondary Students are eagerly anticipating the upcoming ASLC 2015 in Olds, AB. ASLC is the annual AA...